The Budding Relationship Between Kenny Beats, Ini and Olswel

Οver the past couple of years, Kenny Beats has become one of the most respected names in the producer and beat making community. Whether it is his video series The Cave on YouTube, where he hangs out with artists and creates music on the spot, or more recently his entertaining Twitch streams, the charismatic producer never stops keeping things entertaining. 

In his hunt for good and unique samples, Kenny Beats is also known to support rising producers by using their samples and kits, consistently shouting out Medasin, as well as using loops by The Kount in his recent episode of The Cave featuring Marc Rebillet. Now, Kenny has done it again, shouting out Lucid Monday’s very own Ini and Olswel for their unique collaborative sample pack

On top of that, he also recently raided Ini’s Twitch stream, bringing in more than 2.5K viewers who were supporting the producer and subscribing. After that Ini went on to average more than 100 people live on his streams, on top of the viewers who tuned in during the raid, something that he didn’t initially plan on happening.

Does that mean a collaboration between the three is imminent? We would love to see it happen.

You can get Ini and olswel’s kit here, as well as watch our Salutations From episode with olswel here

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