“out da bubble” – ini, Dilip & Olswel

Longtime Lucid Monday favorites ini, Dilip and Olswel have jumped together on a track once again, offering bouncy energy on “out da bubble.” All three artists have had their fair share of accomplishments over the past years, known for their intricate respective styles, as well as collaborations with some of the scene’s best. ini’s first release on Lucid Monday came in the form of “fatigue” … Continue reading “out da bubble” – ini, Dilip & Olswel

“Perceptum EP” – olswel & ANH

Two of the underground’s brightest talents – olswel and ANH – have just joined forces to release the 2-track, collaborative EP Perceptum. At just 17 years old, olswel is already making waves within the scene off the back of his overly unique and creative music, while collaborating with quickly, quickly and Dilip (“Cowabunga” off LM023) and receiving a massive co-sign from Kenny Beats alongside fellow … Continue reading “Perceptum EP” – olswel & ANH

The Budding Relationship Between Kenny Beats, Ini and Olswel

Οver the past couple of years, Kenny Beats has become one of the most respected names in the producer and beat making community. Whether it is his video series The Cave on YouTube, where he hangs out with artists and creates music on the spot, or more recently his entertaining Twitch streams, the charismatic producer never stops keeping things entertaining.  In his hunt for good … Continue reading The Budding Relationship Between Kenny Beats, Ini and Olswel

Olswel Is Back With New Heat

Young talent Olswel is back with a bunch of fresh tracks on his Soundcloud. While he’s locked up and quarantining, he announced that he will “start dropping shit”, giving listeners a taste of what’s in his vault with “whipmyhair”, “bassguitardecember11unmixed” and “lockdown1”. The Bay Area-based beatmaker displays his usual versatility with these three tracks. “lockdown1” is one of his finest works so far, where he … Continue reading Olswel Is Back With New Heat