Introducing the Lucid Monday Magazine!

Introducing the first ever Lucid Monday Magazine. We believe that the producer should be seen as an equal contributor to any song, not just a faceless figure behind the scenes. Issue 01 sets the stage to give producers a permanent space in print.  ORDER HERE Featuring:  Mike Gao The Kount Ambezza Lucy Clubhouse late year Umru Jenius Harris Cole J. Robb Olswel Quickly, Quickly  Included … Continue reading Introducing the Lucid Monday Magazine!

PREMIERE: Otxhello’s Virtual Monday Set Now Live on Youtube

If you missed Virtual Monday, you are in luck. View the 32 minute light show & one of a kind virtual experience designed by Dennis Swan now on Lucid Monday’s Youtube. Watch Otxhello’s Virtual Monday Live Set: RSVP FOR VIRTUAL MONDAY II & DON’T MISS OUT! : Follow Otxhello: Continue reading PREMIERE: Otxhello’s Virtual Monday Set Now Live on Youtube

What You Missed From Virtual Monday

Lucid Monday premiered their first-ever virtual event this past Monday, Jan. 18th, aptly titled Virtual Monday. With quarantine still in full swing almost 10 months after the start of the novel coronavirus, Lucid Monday brought legendary lighting artist Dennis Swan onto the team to create an event that would bring viewers the much-missed feeling of IRL shows in an truly unprecedented digital concert space flooded … Continue reading What You Missed From Virtual Monday

late year’s Debut Album Sets the Bar High for 2021

Dilip and Otxhello’s long-awaited collaborative album late year is out now. The self-titled EP showcases the duo’s impressive versatility and range, dipping into multiple genres to create varying tracks for all occasions. late year epitomizes the power of collaboration, ultimately proving how two producers with their own defining sounds can create something exponentially greater than they could alone. The seven-track EP moves between quaint, ambient … Continue reading late year’s Debut Album Sets the Bar High for 2021

Who Is Otxhello?

It wasn’t that long ago that Othello Houston created his first Garageband instrumental. As a freshman in high school, Houston sat down behind a computer, attempting to capture the musical techniques that his childhood cello-playing provided in order to create something different. Taking with him the knowledge of beat-making and fleeing into an electronic scene with his own gospel melodies, Houston took off, curating his … Continue reading Who Is Otxhello?

Black Lives Matter : How You Can Help

The recent events in the United States have shed light on the fact that African Americans are and for hundreds of years have been subjected to systemic racism, discrimination, and violence. Racism is built into every level of American society, from policing and education to employment, healthcare, and criminal justice. The recent murder of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer is … Continue reading Black Lives Matter : How You Can Help