Spotlighting Our Favourite Producers Off Riot Games’ Sessions: Vi

In a completely unexpected move, Riot Games, the company behind video game-phenomenon League of Legends, has brought together a massive lineup of the scene’s most talented producers for a 37-track project: Sessions: Vi. This is apparently the first of many albums Riot Games will be releasing, with the purpose of providing streamers and creators with tastefully-curated, free-to-use music that won’t get their content taken down … Continue reading Spotlighting Our Favourite Producers Off Riot Games’ Sessions: Vi

“Transitions” – Deffie & chromonicci

Two of the most prominent producers of the golden SoundCloud era, Deffie and chromonicci have teamed up for the first time to deliver a stunning new song with “Transitions.” This new collaboration certainly comes with great anticipation; both artists have been on their A-game for years now.  Deffie began releasing music on Soundcloud in 2014, having dropped massive hits such as “It Ain’t Full” with … Continue reading “Transitions” – Deffie & chromonicci

“True Colors. EP” – chromonicci

chromonicci’s  musical output has been nothing short of stunning to watch over the years. A massively talented producer and singer, the young artist never seems to stop creating and releasing music, as he just released his second solo EP in 2020, following Stasis II., collaborative EP Travelers with Evil Needle, as well as over a dozen of singles. chromonicci’s latest project is titled True Colors. … Continue reading “True Colors. EP” – chromonicci

“Stasis II.” – chromonicci

chromonicci is back stronger than ever in 2020, seemingly dropping new music every other week. Among those releases, some of which are out on Phuture Collective and Chillhop Music, is his huge Stasis II. EP, sequel to 2019’s Stasis. Stasis II spans 4 instrumental tracks that perfectly showcase the talented musician’s production skills, as well as ability to create seamless vibes, bringing together influences from … Continue reading “Stasis II.” – chromonicci