“Middles” EP – Harris Cole

Harris Cole is back with what he calls a “mini EP” by the name “Middles”. For this release, he took inspiration from ‘The Outlaw Ocean : Journeys Across the Last Untamed Frontier’, a book by investigative journalist Ian Urbina. The six-track EP aptly captures the theme with earthy tones and sounds from the ocean.  It is a nicely done, captivating ambient project and our personal picks … Continue reading “Middles” EP – Harris Cole

Olswel Is Back With New Heat

Young talent Olswel is back with a bunch of fresh tracks on his Soundcloud. While he’s locked up and quarantining, he announced that he will “start dropping shit”, giving listeners a taste of what’s in his vault with “whipmyhair”, “bassguitardecember11unmixed” and “lockdown1”. The Bay Area-based beatmaker displays his usual versatility with these three tracks. “lockdown1” is one of his finest works so far, where he … Continue reading Olswel Is Back With New Heat

Harris Cole Rounds Off First Beat Cypher

During their time social distancing, a lot of producers are looking to engage with the community and provide value; as many know, The Kount for example recently shut down Twitter with an exciting challenge. Harris Cole, fresh off releasing his first offering for this year, a stunning collaboration with Somni called ‘Sometimes’, also announced his first Beat Cypher, urging producers to download 10 of his … Continue reading Harris Cole Rounds Off First Beat Cypher

How Producers Can Stay Creative And Keep Earning During Their Time Social Distancing

Undoubtedly, the recent outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has shaken the music industry in a number of ways; with bars and venues closing the doors and dozens of shows and tours being cancelled, producers and musicians are left with an abundance of time in their hands while social distancing in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Here are 5 ways you as a … Continue reading How Producers Can Stay Creative And Keep Earning During Their Time Social Distancing

Otxhello Goes RIAA Gold and Platinum

Lucid Monday’s close collaborator Otxhello has been releasing stellar music for some years now, racking up millions of plays across digital platforms as well as receiving acclaim from the community. While releasing nothing but quality however, he has been working with some of the hip-hop game’s strongest talents behind the scenes, landing numerous placements.  Just recently, two of his major placements with Lil Tecca and … Continue reading Otxhello Goes RIAA Gold and Platinum

While In Quarantine, The Kount is Giving Back and Inspiring the Community

Since late last year, The Kount’s entertaining videos on Instagram and Twitter, where he creates masterpieces like it’s nothing, were starting to pop off. Now with this new-found abundance of time, he took his concept to the next level. In the midst of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak and mandatory social distancing, The Kount is giving back and inspiring the producer community by keeping up the … Continue reading While In Quarantine, The Kount is Giving Back and Inspiring the Community

“Stasis II.” – chromonicci

chromonicci is back stronger than ever in 2020, seemingly dropping new music every other week. Among those releases, some of which are out on Phuture Collective and Chillhop Music, is his huge Stasis II. EP, sequel to 2019’s Stasis. Stasis II spans 4 instrumental tracks that perfectly showcase the talented musician’s production skills, as well as ability to create seamless vibes, bringing together influences from … Continue reading “Stasis II.” – chromonicci

“Pressure II” – DILIP

DILIP’s musical output seems to be endless. Towards the end of 2019, the young producer released his 10-track album Let Go, filled with tasteful lo-fi and ambient instrumentals, and here he is four months later, dropping his 2nd album, Pressure II.  A followup to 2016’s first installment, Pressure II spans 9 short-but-sweet tracks and is as diverse as it gets. Featuring contributions from fellow producers … Continue reading “Pressure II” – DILIP