“NO MORE HOARDING PT.1 & 2” – Foolie $urfin

A massively talented artist and producer out of Kentucky/LA, Foolie $urfin has truly showcased his versatility and consistent work ethic over the past years, constantly impressing with his immersive productions. Part of Bonsai Collective and wishnomore collective, Foolie $urfin joined forces with Jus Lovehall last year to release his 14-track album Stay Safe, as well as was included on LM021 with his track “Transcendence.”  Now, … Continue reading “NO MORE HOARDING PT.1 & 2” – Foolie $urfin

Reviewing Monte Booker’s First-Ever Drum Kit (Spoiler: it’s a 10/10)

Monte Booker is back once again, dropping his official first drum kit alongside a compilation titled lil sounds tape, filled with tracks that range from laid-back gems such as “shordie” and “transition” to bass-heavy anthems such as “astro” and “fm.”  Monte Booker’s first drum kit has taken the producer community by storm and we have the inside scoop of the arsenal you’ll get when you … Continue reading Reviewing Monte Booker’s First-Ever Drum Kit (Spoiler: it’s a 10/10)

“Disconnect EP” – Laxcity

Pioneering his own wave of synth-filled, laid back and oftentimes experimental tunes, Laxcity is a name that should without a doubt be on your radar–if it’s not already. Having released his cinematic debut album Catharsis back in 2018, and finding out one of his Splice loops got used by Poo Bear and The Audibles on a Justin Bieber record last year have both been huge … Continue reading “Disconnect EP” – Laxcity

“out da bubble” – ini, Dilip & Olswel

Longtime Lucid Monday favorites ini, Dilip and Olswel have jumped together on a track once again, offering bouncy energy on “out da bubble.” All three artists have had their fair share of accomplishments over the past years, known for their intricate respective styles, as well as collaborations with some of the scene’s best. ini’s first release on Lucid Monday came in the form of “fatigue” … Continue reading “out da bubble” – ini, Dilip & Olswel

“Perceptum EP” – olswel & ANH

Two of the underground’s brightest talents – olswel and ANH – have just joined forces to release the 2-track, collaborative EP Perceptum. At just 17 years old, olswel is already making waves within the scene off the back of his overly unique and creative music, while collaborating with quickly, quickly and Dilip (“Cowabunga” off LM023) and receiving a massive co-sign from Kenny Beats alongside fellow … Continue reading “Perceptum EP” – olswel & ANH

Elujay and J.Robb Drop Massive Collaborative EP GEMS IN THE CORNERSTORE

Teaming up for their first ever collaborative project, Elujay and J.Robb are bringing their talents together, alongside a handful of collaborators, to release a massive EP with GEMS IN THE CORNERSTORE.  Both artists have had a hell of a career over the past years, consistently growing while delivering impressive music. A Soulection OG, J.Robb began making music at age 13 heavily inspired by Boi1da and … Continue reading Elujay and J.Robb Drop Massive Collaborative EP GEMS IN THE CORNERSTORE


DJ YUNG VAMP, has undoubtedly cemented himself as one of the most influential producers in the phonk scene over the past years. Based in Brussels, Belgium, DJ YUNG VAMP has worked alongside the likes of bbno$, Soudiere, DJ Smokey, Jason Rich and more, produced for artists such as Mister V, Soulja Boy, Scarlxd, Yung Gravy and Fauni, while having amassed an impressive 78k+ follower count … Continue reading “VAMPIRE IS NOT A CAREER CHOICE” – DJ YUNG VAMP

“first” – pandi & qioh (prod. draf2k)

Part of WISHNOMORE, a group comprised of artists and producers Foolie $urfin, pinkgoyard, fabio, venexxi, donovan, enuar and more, pandi is making a name for himself off the back of his massive talent and consistency. Based out of LA, pandi began making music 3-4 years ago on FL Studio, and has went on to collaborate with the likes of J.ROBB, west1ine, kas, Fair Dawn, aeros … Continue reading “first” – pandi & qioh (prod. draf2k)

“Transitions” – Deffie & chromonicci

Two of the most prominent producers of the golden SoundCloud era, Deffie and chromonicci have teamed up for the first time to deliver a stunning new song with “Transitions.” This new collaboration certainly comes with great anticipation; both artists have been on their A-game for years now.  Deffie began releasing music on Soundcloud in 2014, having dropped massive hits such as “It Ain’t Full” with … Continue reading “Transitions” – Deffie & chromonicci

Cavalier Launches New Project UNIT KAI And Shares First Song “recurring dreams”

Earlier this month, prolific producer Cavalier announced his latest song under the Cavalier moniker, alongside the launch of his new project UNIT KAI. UNIT KAI is “inspired by early 2000’s dance, j-pop and VGM these past few years” as he revealed in a tweet, and his last song as Cavalier, titled “soft pink” was uploaded to SoundCloud.  Fans and fellow artists from all around the … Continue reading Cavalier Launches New Project UNIT KAI And Shares First Song “recurring dreams”