“Fog” – Meridian

New producer Meridian (Elliot Cleverdon) just released his first track titled “Fog.” His incredibly strong debut sits at almost six minutes, spacious enough to provide an introspective feel while not feeling drawn out at all. What begins as gentle piano gradually intertwines with a building static sound––then cuts to silence. “Just wait for a minute/It’ll all be worth it in time,” Cleverdon sings, as the … Continue reading “Fog” – Meridian

quickly, quickly and franci Create Another Masterpiece With “spider bites”

A young producer with an already impressive track record, quickly, quickly (Graham Jonson) has provided his own distinctive vision on each track he has produced. Jonson has stayed busy over the past few months, producing Jak Bannon’s “THE TRADE,” and “Nostalgia” by ANH. “spider bites,” a song by bedroom pop artist franci, progressively builds with layered, organic instrumentation. Jonson’s production illuminates her more indie and … Continue reading quickly, quickly and franci Create Another Masterpiece With “spider bites”

Who Is Producer quickly, quickly?

Portland’s Graham Jonson just turned twenty years old. For the past eight years, Jonson has established himself as a producer under the name quickly, quickly, collaborating with ANH, Jak Bannon, dilip, oxthello, and most recently, Verzache and Mr. Carmack. There is a precision and sagacity to his production that extends beyond tranquil lo-fi hip hop––quickly, quickly is creating a mature, genre-bending sound that will undoubtedly … Continue reading Who Is Producer quickly, quickly?