KO Aka Koala Teams Up With Stefan Ponce To Unveil Futuristic Single “GOD COMPLEX”

Following her latest single “my fucked up fantasy,” KO Aka Koala is wrapping up 2021 with one of her most impressive releases to date, teaming up with buzzing producer Stefan Ponce (who has worked alongside Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and many more) to share 4-on-the-floor gem “GOD COMPLEX.” In contrast to “my fucked up fantasy” which takes a minimal, hip-hop-leaning approach, “GOD COMPLEX” holds an undeniable mainstream appeal, courtesy of Stefan Ponce, yet doesn’t stray away from KO Aka Koala’s unique artistic style and approach. Taking elements from synthwave and dance music, the instrumental to “GOD COMPLEX” feels like the soundtrack to a night out in an alternative cyberpunk world, and we couldn’t be more excited to see where KO Aka Koala takes things from here, as well as see her collaborate with Stefan Ponce once again, as he effortlessly takes the song to the next level with his production talents.

On the process of creating this song, KO Aka Koala explains, “I collaborated on this song with Jessica Hoover (who I work with a lot), Phil Galloni, Julian Bell, and Yazmin Fragoso. We were all crammed into a tiny studio at Jessica’s house because her dog just had surgery. It was unexpected that everyone showed up that day because it was also my first time working with them and it turned into a pizza party by the end of the night.”

KO Aka Koala shared her debut single “Sadderday” last year, produced by the talented Alex Lustig. Since then, the singer, songwriter and visual artist has shared a series of singles, displaying a vibrant and ever-changing musical style that is truly her own. 2021 also marked her first collaboration, as she teamed up with yung cxreal and baby frankie on “pretty boys.“ 

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