Clams Casino Unveils New Instrumental Mixtape “Winter Flower“

Marking his first solo work since he released his single “Haunt” earlier this year, Clams Casino has just unveiled his latest instrumental mixtape, titled Winter Flower. Spanning 8 tracks in length, Winter Flower does not draw out for too long, but acts as a distinct palette of sounds and ideas, laced with Clams Casino’s signature touch. The mixtape also features sampled material from Japanese composer Jazztronik (real name Ryota Nozaki), who was in contact with Clams Casino over the duration of 2020 and sent in the samples that helped shape the tracklist. 

Clams Casino’s long list of collaborators features some of the most prominent artists of the past decade, from The Weeknd, Mac Miller and A$AP Rocky to Joji and Ghostemane. On top of that, he maintains a busy release schedule, consistently sharing solo singles and mixtapes. One of the most influential artists in the scene, he has been active for about 14 years now, and released his official debut EP Rainforest via Tri Angle Records back in 2011. That same year he launched his Instrumentals mixtape series, with the 4th installment coming out in 2017, a year after the release of his debut studio album 32 Levels via Columbia Records.

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