Harris Cole & Somni Release New Single “hope!”

On September 17th, Harris Cole & Somni released “hope!” which features ambient and dreamy melodies over easy-going drums and an intriguing bass line. We think the whistle that comes in around the one-minute mark will stand out to most listeners, as it emphasizes the song’s meditative feeling and makes us want to look at stars and think about how much there is to enjoy in life. This is the first single to come off Harris and Somni’s upcoming 5-track EP “sirens,” which releases on October 22nd through the record label Friends of Friends Music. You can also pick up “sirens” as a Limited Edition Cassette, which features some really sick artwork from Andrew Tricaso. Somni and Harris have released other songs in the past, such as “Sometimes,” “Dusk,” and “Noodling.” The two are actually very close, with Harris describing Somni as his “best friend” on Instagram.