Kiefer Releases Fourth Album When There’s Love Around

At midnight on August 27th, California native Kiefer Shackleford, better known as Kiefer, released his highly anticipated album When There’s Love Around. Boasting twelve absolutely solid tracks, this is Kiefer’s fourth full-length album. In an interview with his record label, Stones Throw Records, Kiefer stated that the album is made up of two parts; the first evokes feelings of unimportance and stress while the second, inspired by the loss of his grandmother, has a more spiritual focus.

Kiefer’s musical background resides in the realms of piano and jazz. He studied at UCLA, learning from some of the greatest jazz musicians, like Kenny Burrell, and honing his musical and beat making skills. On When There’s Love Around, listeners can hear the authenticity of Kiefer’s music in addition to his past studies and musical influences. Stones Throw is also selling a super cool and colorful vinyl of the album, and we’re super excited for Kiefer to have put out such an authentic and dazzling piece of work.