quickly, quickly Releases Anticipated Album The Long and Short of It

In the early hours of August 20th, quickly, quickly released his highly anticipated 11-track album The Long and Short of It. quickly, quickly, real name Graham Jonson, played and produced just about every sound that listeners hear, in addition to writing his own emotive lyrics. It’s obvious that this album was born out of Jonson’s passion for music and love, and we encourage you to check it out.

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This is quickly, quickly’s first major release with label Ghostly International, on whose website you can buy one of the sickest vinyl records ever made. While Jonson is based in Portland, Oregon, his album is creating buzz worldwide. For example, take a look at this picture of The Long and Short of It in Japan. We’re excited for Jonson; releasing an album that honestly expresses one’s self and recieving such high praise is no easy feat. The sky’s the limit for quickly, quickly, and we’re glad we can kick back and listen to The Long and Short of It for a while.

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