Instupendo Releases Debut Album Love Power A-to-Z

Instupendo, otherwise known as Aidan Peterson, has just released his debut album Love Power A-to-Z. The album showcases Instupendo’s unique vocals and production, while every song features a plethora of interesting textures. The vocals are ear catching, and the metallic, yet bubbly and dreamy production makes one imagine blossoming flowers in a futuristic world. The only other producer credited on the album is Oli XL, an experimental musician hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Oli XL’s signature sound can be heard on tracks “Vitamin” and “Ribbon Bone (Chalk Dancer).”

This project marks the next step in Instupendo’s artistic direction. His 2019 project Boys by Girls features similarly styled vocals, but Love Power’s beats are much more ephemeral and otherworldly. Needless to say, Instupendo displays captivating and impressive sound textures through his art, which has allowed him to work with the likes of Toro y Moi, Juice WRLD, Harry Teardrop, and more. We’re happy to hear fresh sounds, and hope that Instupendo continues to innovate in his future releases.

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