Makzo Releases Debut Album Wanderlust With Chillhop Music

Zack Mortimer, better known by his stage name Makzo, has just released his full length debut album Wanderlust. The Toronto-native artfully blends sounds from old school hip-hop, jazz, and lo-fi, taking inspiration from the likes of J Dilla, Mr. Carmack, and more. Wanderlust is now out through Chillhop Music, a platform and label primarily promoting lo-fi and jazzy hip-hop.

In an interview with Chillhop, Makzo said he wanted to create an album that inspires listeners to welcome new and uncontrollable forces with confidence and a level head. When discussing his intent behind the album, one sentiment heavily stands out: Wanderlust should help listeners “get familiar with unfamiliarity.” In listening to the album, it does exactly that. Its meditative melodies are calming, yet intriguing, and catchy drum patterns cause irresistible head bobbing. One’s mind is taken into a lush nature of sound; images of light rainfall and casual evening strolls are brought up, helping listeners have a positive outlook on their day no matter what they might be face. 

Makzo has worked with a multitude of other artists on the project, such as The Kount, Leavv, goosetaf, oatmello, brillion, Hoffy Beats, and more. Wanderlust is an impressive debut album, one that can help others feel confident in facing the unknown. We’re excited to see such a project be released, and hope to see more of Makzo’s excellent work in the future.

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