Spotlighting Our Favourite Producers Off Riot Games’ Sessions: Vi

In a completely unexpected move, Riot Games, the company behind video game-phenomenon League of Legends, has brought together a massive lineup of the scene’s most talented producers for a 37-track project: Sessions: Vi. This is apparently the first of many albums Riot Games will be releasing, with the purpose of providing streamers and creators with tastefully-curated, free-to-use music that won’t get their content taken down via copyright strikes. As always, we decided to showcase our favourite five artists off the project. It is stacked with some amazing musicians, so we encourage you to dive into the whole tracklist and pick your favourites. 

Produced track #11, “Iota”

Having released two EPs under ALT:Vision Records, as well as boasting a large discography across SoundCloud and other digital platforms, Laxcity is without a doubt one of the most exciting figures to follow within the scene. He recently released a 14-track mixtape, comprised of tracks he’s made between 2018 and 2021, in addition to featuring on a single from Moore Kismet’s upcoming debut album. 

late year / Dilip & Otxhello
Produced track #32, “trinity” and track #20, “feels”

Lucid Monday’s very own Dilip and Otxhello are present in Sessions: Vi both as a duo, but also as their joint project late year, which they launched earlier this year with their self-titled debut album, via Alpha Pup Records. They are currently working on a lot more exciting music, and were also featured on the cover of the 1st issue of the Lucid Monday Magazine. 

Produced track #7, “In Circles” and track #25, “Daffodil”

Tennyson have been relatively quiet in terms of new solo releases ever since the release of their acclaimed Telescope EP back in 2019 via Counter Records. With their latest super-collaboration “Vaccum Lessons” alongside Anatole Muster, daniel hayn, Kiefer and Hadrien Feraud, as well as their 45-minute piece “Pathwork” with Cabin Music, anticipation is high for new Tennyson material. 

Produced track #1, “Passengers.” and track #24, “Weekends”

Based in Dallas, chromonicci is a long-time Lucid Monday friend, and was recently featured on LM025 with his track “Destinations.” “Cold” with Sofasound, Hanz, and Koste marks his most recent release, out via Good Society, while is definitely is gearing up for more solo material, judging by how consistently he drops.

Produced track #3, “Hollow” and track #19, “Waiting”

Hanz has also been included on two LM compilations, with “Lonely Road” featuring imallryt on LM024 and “Hello There” with Whysp on LM016. Based in Norway, he is known for his laid-back electronic music, that blends together influences from multiple genres into a cohesive sound. 

The full list of producers who worked on Sessions: Vi includes BIDØ, chief., chromonicci, Dilip, Englewood, Gemp, goosetaf, Hanz, Idealism, junior state, Kupla, late year, Laxcity, Miscél, Otxhello, Purple Cat, Sinnr, Sofasound, Tennyson, weird inside and xander.

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