“Waterfront” – 53 Thieves

53 Thieves, an indie electronic act formed of 4 musicians spanning the globe, returns with a shimmery new single called “Waterfront.” The elusive act has remained mostly anonymous during their existence. Their album artwork, created by designer Sabrina Gevaerd, features hidden Easter Eggs revealing the Thieves’ identity and the meaning behind their songs.

In regards to the metaphorical lyrics, 53 Thieves describes:

“‘Waterfront’ is about feeling empowered as a woman, and calling others to lift their heads and join alongside. The title intends to project an image of someone in front of a huge body of water but not allowing it to overwhelm them, standing their ground at the water’s edge.”

Listen to their new song “Waterfront” and stay tuned for more musical offerings from the act this summer 2021 with the links below.

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