HXNS Co-Produces Cautious Clay’s New Single “Strange Love“ Feat. Saba

Having worked alongside the likes of Elujay, sophie meiers, Llusion, salem ilese and many more, on top of building a massive audience on SoundCloud, HXNS has undoubtedly established himself as a household name within the scene. His first release with Lucid Monday came in the form of “okaywegetit” on LM024, while he has now teamed up with Cautious Clay and Saba to drop “Strange Love.” 

“Strange Love” is taken from Cautious Clay’s debut album deadpan love, which is set to come out June 25th, and is co-produced by HXNS and Cautious Clay. A truly uplifting single that brings together jazzy and soul elements, “deadpan love” is a gem made for the summer. Saba, who formed his hip-hop collective Pivot Gang in 2012 with his brother Jospeh Chilliams and lifelong friends Frsh Waters, SqueakPIVOT, mFnMelo, daedaePIVOT, and Dam Dam, displays perfect synergy with Cautious Clay through his smooth performance, while Cautious Clay’s soulful singing truly takes the spotlight throughout the tune.  

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