“JOURNEY” – aprovoli

Picking up more and more steam on SoundCloud over the past year, on top of having amassed a loyal local following, Athenian producer and pianist aprovoli has just shared his anticipated second album JOURNEY. Marking the second installment in an album trilogy that started with 2019’s Landing, JOURNEY undoubtedly marks aprovoli’s most ambitious sonic effort to date. 

JOURNEY spans over 14 tracks, truly showcasing aprovoli’s production skills throughout its atmospheric vibes and unorthodox arrangements. Lush keys, organic percussion, vibrant sound design and deep ambiances collectively drive the 14 tracks, making up for cohesive yet unpredictable sound, that takes hints from house, lo-fi beats, trap and soundscape music.

“The experience of producing the tracks which today make up “JOURNEY” felt like a whole lifetime,” explains aprovoli. “During its creation, I doubted myself countless times. But as the album came to its end, I reached the final piece named “LIFE.” It was a definitive moment where I was almost instinctually liberated from uncertainty and stopped chasing myself. The solutions to my problems were revealed to me. It was like a recognition that everything makes sense without knowing exactly why. A breath of relief.”

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