IV – Sam Gellaitry

Still riding high off the release of his single “Duo” last month, which saw him showcase his skill behind the mic for the first time, Sam Gellaitry has finally unveiled his brand new EP IV in its entirety. With an extensive catalog ranging back to 2012, the Scottish pioneer has established himself as one of the most celebrated acts of the early SoundCloud era, and is now transcending past this status into a whole new territory. 

IV spans 4 tracks in length, perfectly combining Sam Gellaitry’s vibrant production style with anthemic falsetto vocal lines. As Sam Gellaitry revealed on Clash Magazine, his synaesthesia allows him to see sound in colour and visualize his music in distinct way, thus each of the 4 songs on IV belongs in a different setting of the day. The reflective introductory track “A New Dawn“ signifies the start of the day with its ethereal melodies, while funky gem “Duo” lyrically hints at peak daytime hours. More introspective yet heavy, “Games” finds itself set in the evening, packing just enough energy to help transition into the AM with “Assumptions,” a groovy and uplifting house party number. 

IV is definitely one of Sam Gellaitry’s finest works to date, and we can’t wait to hear where he takes this boundary-pushing new style next.

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