“sunnysideup” – KO Aka Koala

Showcasing her unique songwriting abilities and artistic diversity as a musician, KO Aka Koala has retuned with yet another single, sharing uplifting gem “sunnysideup.” It marks the singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist’s second solo release this year, perfectly displaying her production skills. As she said on Instagram “sunnysideup” “might b the only cute n nice song i ever make.” A truly genre-bending musical journey, the song starts off with 80s-inspired basslines and drum work, before KO Aka Koala’s uplifting vocal lines take over, backed up by vibrant guitar licks. 

KO Aka Koala has amassed a large following on Instagram over the past few years off the back of her forward-thinking and otherworldly visual work, and kicked off her career in music last year with the nostalgic single “Sadderday,” produced by Alex Lustig, and followed it up with uplifting anthem “Mean Gurl.”  

There’s no doubt KO Aka Koala is working on more exciting music, and we can’t wait to hear more from her as she slowly unveils her musical and creative vision from behind the vocals and production of her songs. 

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