quickly, quickly Is Back Better Than Ever With Refreshing Single “Feel”

After much anticipation for new material, quickly, quickly has finally made his highly anticipated return with “Feel,” his first release of the year. It certainly is apparent that quickly, quickly is working on something massive, debuting as a singer and songwriter with a fresh sound that is as funky as it is impressive. On “Feel” he brings together organic percussion, stunning instrumentation and playful melodies, under a vocal performance that feels new and refreshing. Sounding meticulously put together, it’s truly a raw performance; something that makes it undeniably real. “Feel” acts as a testament to quickly, quickly’s vibrant sound, that has been trusted by long-time running label Ghostly who just signed him, a massive move for quickly, quickly’s career. Ghostly is home to legendary artists such as Matthew Dear, Tycho, Shigeto and many more, and we have a strong feeling “Feel” is part of something much bigger that’s coming in the near future.

A long-time Lucid Monday friend, quickly, quickly started releasing music back in 2016 and has established himself as a prominent figure within the lo-fi and beat-making space with his forward-thinking productions and unmatched creativity. We couldn’t be more excited to be following him on his path moving forward, as he is sure to take the world on a journey with his upcoming releases.

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