Emerging Producer 99Makaveli is Breaking Barriers in the Beat Scene

In a male dominated industry, there is nothing more refreshing than seeing a fresh new female producer break into the scene as fiercely as 99Makaveli has. Within a brief two month time span, the 21 year old Ontario based producer has amassed a large TikTok following, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. It only takes a quick dive into her content to see why- her “make a beat with me” style videos showcase her incredible talent and musical intuition. Specializing in hard hitting drums and 808s, Mak’s work has already gained public praise from BeatStars on a variety of occasions.

As a Canadian producer, she draws inspiration for her work and music style from other Ontario Natives like Murda Beatz and Wondagurl. It is truly inspiring to see such a young female figure already breaking barriers by putting a face to a name, a struggle faced by so many producers before her. Mak is continuing to build her brand with an upcoming Twitch Channel where we can expect some crazy live cook ups. With hopes of one day working alongside some of her idols like Wheezy, Quay Global, and Tay Keith, 99Makaveli is undoubtedly going to be force to be reckoned with. We should all keep a sharp eye out for Mak over the next year as she carves out a path not just for herself, but for other musically gifted women who are also hoping to enter the producer scene. You can check out Mak’s most recent drum kit on BeatStars, her fast growing TikTok page, and her other social channels below!

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