“Duo” – Sam Gellaitry

An undisputed SoundCloud legend, Sam Gellaitry has had a hell of a career since he started uploading tracks on the platform in late 2012. Keeping a relatively low profile, he has been consistently showcasing his production skills with his Escapism EP series and SoundCloud exclusives such as Short Stories and ideas. Following his debut album Viewfinder Vol. 1: PHOSPHENE back in 2019, the Scottish pioneer went relatively silent, and now we finally know why. 

In a surprise announcement, Sam Gellaitry revealed his new single “duo,” part of an upcoming EP out next month. This EP will signal a shift in his artistic direction and a new start to his career, seeing him dabble with more pop-influenced sounds and sing for the first time. “duo” sees Sam Gellaitry sing on top of an infectious instrumental, which brings together subtle funk and retro influences, while alongside the single release is his first ever music video. It’s a truly unexpected step forward, and we couldn’t be more excited to see where Sam Gellaitry takes things next. 

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