“NO MORE HOARDING PT.1 & 2” – Foolie $urfin

A massively talented artist and producer out of Kentucky/LA, Foolie $urfin has truly showcased his versatility and consistent work ethic over the past years, constantly impressing with his immersive productions. Part of Bonsai Collective and wishnomore collective, Foolie $urfin joined forces with Jus Lovehall last year to release his 14-track album Stay Safe, as well as was included on LM021 with his track “Transcendence.” 

Now, Foolie $urfin is back with two exciting new tapes, NO MORE HOARDING and NO MORE HOARDING PT.2. Totalling at 17 tracks, the two projects undoubtedly showcase Foolie $urfin’s versatility, seeing him bring together playful melodies, distorted 808s and hard-hitting drums. A definite highlight is “truth Is,” which closes out NO MORE HOARDING PT.2 and sees Foolie $urfin deliver soulful vocal lines over a laid back instrumental. 

Make sure to check out the tapes below: 

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