Reviewing Monte Booker’s First-Ever Drum Kit (Spoiler: it’s a 10/10)

Monte Booker is back once again, dropping his official first drum kit alongside a compilation titled lil sounds tape, filled with tracks that range from laid-back gems such as “shordie” and “transition” to bass-heavy anthems such as “astro” and “fm.” 

Monte Booker’s first drum kit has taken the producer community by storm and we have the inside scoop of the arsenal you’ll get when you pick it up.

The kit consists of all of Monte’s favorite sounds in one place and more than likely they’re all of your favorite sounds too. He blessed the producer community with sounds from every song in Smino‘s blkswn and his Soulection White Label release, as well as the samples used in all the beats from lil sounds tape. Additionally, you get sounds from some of the classics on Smino’s NOIR such as “KLINK” and “Z4L,” as well as a few Monte SoundCloud staples like “raindrop drop top” and “may” w/ ravyn lenae.

With this kit you get access to a huge portion of Monte’s percussion and foley arsenal, complete with his now iconic vocal chops, that have been a big identifier of his signature sound. Also included are various chord chops from some of his most popular productions, making it easy to come up with interesting melodies on your own. He even includes samples from his viral song “Kolors” (yes that means all the vocals and instrument one-shots.) If you’re on the fence about making the purchase, let us help out–COP NOW! Definitely a must-have for every producer’s sound library in 2021 and a 10/10 from Lucid Monday.

Undoubtedly one of the most impactful artists to come up on SoundCloud over the past years, Monte Booker has definitely made a name for himself through his incredible art and hard work ethic. A Soulection mainstay and Smino’s closest producer, the 25-year-old, LA-based talent has built a massive catalog of gems throughout the years, with hits such as “Kolors” with Smino going viral on TikTok and amassing almost 60 million streams on Spotify alone. 

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Drum kit review by Kico Alvarado / @kico.lindo

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