“Disconnect EP” – Laxcity

Pioneering his own wave of synth-filled, laid back and oftentimes experimental tunes, Laxcity is a name that should without a doubt be on your radar–if it’s not already. Having released his cinematic debut album Catharsis back in 2018, and finding out one of his Splice loops got used by Poo Bear and The Audibles on a Justin Bieber record last year have both been huge moments for Laxcity, who surprisingly didn’t release anything officially in 2020. 

Now, Laxcity is officially back with his latest EP titled Disconnect, a stunning 6-track project out now via ALT:Vision Records

As said by Laxcity himself, Disconnect is a truly versatile project. “Book” starts off the sonic journey perfectly, while “Southbound,” “Drive” and “Grateful” are driven by immense grooves and experimental textures. “Falling For You” is a truly immersive, 6-minute experience, while “The Way That I Do“ featuring previous collaborator ÊMIA closes out the tracklist in a masterful way. 

Make sure to check out Disconnect below: 

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