What You Missed From Virtual Monday

Lucid Monday premiered their first-ever virtual event this past Monday, Jan. 18th, aptly titled Virtual Monday. With quarantine still in full swing almost 10 months after the start of the novel coronavirus, Lucid Monday brought legendary lighting artist Dennis Swan onto the team to create an event that would bring viewers the much-missed feeling of IRL shows in an truly unprecedented digital concert space flooded with breathtaking lighting and mind-bending visuals. With sets from quickly, quickly, Otxhello, Dilip, and sui.luj, Virtual Monday stunned attendees, bringing in over 2,000 unique viewers via Twitch.

The show commenced with a jaw-dropping, almost spiritual intro by Otxhello, setting the stage for the audio-visual journey viewers where about to undergo. Otxhello’s set can be described as nothing short of magnificent, including new late year sounds and tons of unreleased tracks. The following set by sui.luj injected the show with energy, throwing down the head-banging classics Lucid Monday has become well-known for. After the high intensity of sui.luj’s set, quickly, quickly’s performance gave viewers time to decompress and take in the gorgeous, alluring sounds only quickly, quickly can create. As if that wasn’t enough, quickly, quickly graced viewers with multiple unreleased tracks from his upcoming album set to drop this spring. Dilip closed the night strong with his hyphy trap tracks, featuring often hilarious additions, like his inclusion the incredible country remix of Roddy Ricch’s Ballin’.

Streamed via Twitch, the chat section of the show was certainly an adventure in and of itself, with a constant stream of conversation and inside jokes between viewers and artists alike. Guest appearances in the chat from Proximity and Medasin brought an even more frenzied dialogue, which peaked when quickly, quickly and Medasin gifted almost the entire crowd subs. Undoubtedly, Virtual Monday was a three-hour whirlwind, shocking viewers at every turn.

“If you are excited about what you saw,” says Swan, “you have no idea what’s to come.”

With an astonishing first virtual show under their belt and the new addition of Dennis Swan, Lucid Monday is excited to continue programming virtual shows, and, of course, to bring this new lighting experience to an IRL show when it is safe to.