late year’s Debut Album Sets the Bar High for 2021

Dilip and Otxhello’s long-awaited collaborative album late year is out now. The self-titled EP showcases the duo’s impressive versatility and range, dipping into multiple genres to create varying tracks for all occasions. late year epitomizes the power of collaboration, ultimately proving how two producers with their own defining sounds can create something exponentially greater than they could alone.

The seven-track EP moves between quaint, ambient sounding tracks with audible jazz influences to funky house music to sweaty club bangers (with E-40 samples).

“Honestly,” says Otxhello while reflecting upon the creation of the album, “I really think it’s some of the best music I’ve been a part of.”

Dilip agrees, pointing towards the obvious truth: “You’re putting two minds together and making something even crazier.”

Both producers have amassed 3 RIAA certifications, including platinum certification for their work with Lil Skies and gold certification for their work with Lil Tecca and Lil Pump. Despite plenty of chart-topping placements under their belts, late year marks the first time the duo have collaborated under an official name.

Opening with one of the strongest tracks, “play!!-” sounds like it could be included on a John Williams soundtrack to a sci-fi movie––that is until a strong beat comes in, taking the track in a completely different direction. The orchestral elements slowly come back near the end of the song as the duo allow it to close with a more soothing, atmospheric quality.

“play!!-” seems to stand in opposition to the bare-bones “a true story ‘*’,” an almost ambient track with a very gentle piano melody that comes close to a lullaby. However, all calm departs once “freeze^√ ~” begins––the funky house song opens with a recording from a crowded restaurant, complete with a bouncing bass line that makes the conversation seem musical.

Obviously influenced greatly by Otxhello’s piano background, “make it count +={}” is the seductive soundtrack to a late night in a jazz club where smoking is permitted. But Bay Area native Dilip brings his own background into the mix on “A-1 $•¥.” The song begins with an easily recognizable sample from “My Shit Bang,” with E-40 asking, “Turn my music up.” Both producers follow his request, adding in the audible noise of the volume button on a MacBook before heading into their own original trap beat.

“sinking @@!” featuring chromonicci, the single previously released in December, builds with heavy synths before ending with piano that can only be described as melancholy-inducing. late year’s ability to give listeners a complex auditory experience redefines what being a producer is in the traditional sense. The final track, “BE U ()” uses intricate synths that eventually fade out into a buzz that sounds like crashing waves.

Opening up 2021 with a huge release, Lucid Monday anticipates a successful year ahead for late year.

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