TEK.LUN Creates Music for Reebok’s Iverson Classic Commercial

TEK.LUN, a LA based producer who has worked with prominent labels like HW&W and Soulection, garnered a strong following within the SoundCloud community from his uncanny ability to fuse silky and psychedelic electronic melodies with hip-hop style beats. His undeniable talent recently landed him an opportunity to create the score for Reebok’s Iverson Classic commercial. The campaign pulls on feelings of high school nostalgia with shots of run-down basketball courts, old school lockers, and a retro TV posted up on desks in a classroom––the perfect setting to accompany TEK.LUN’s dreamy composition, which evolves from a whimsical soundscape into a hard-hitting experimental beat.  

The 24-year-old hails from Baltimore where he began producing at the age of 14, drawing inspiration from the likes of Mary J Blige, Prince, and a Tribe Called Quest. Since first releasing music on SoundCloud in 2013, TEK.LUN has pumped out an impressive amount of killer tracks like “shush,” “Aburoy,” and “play,” all of which have hundreds of thousands of streams. His collab “Essential” with dilip was his first release with Lucid Monday on LM022, dropped back at the start of the year.

His 2020 instrumental projects, Know Pressure and The Oppression Olympics, were forces to be reckoned with, transporting listeners into a sonic landscape only TEK.LUN could create. Check out The Oppression Olympics below:

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