“Look Away” – Verzache

Verzache (Zach Farache) just released “Look Away,” another single from his highly anticipated album, My Head Is A Mosh Pit. “Look Away” is his third single, following “Messed Up” and “Calling,” two tracks that are gaining major traction across all platforms.

“Look Away” is a step closer to hearing a fully-fledged My Head Is A Mosh Pit, complete with both his “highest of highs and lowest of lows,” as he told Flaunt. “Why’d you look away/Was it something that I said” Farache sings, staying up-tempo even though his rhetorical questions won’t be answered. The song ends with quiet acoustics, reminiscent of Verzache’s earlier works.

Verzache shared via Instagram that he earned over 130M streams and 15M listeners this year, making 2020 possibly his best year yet. With placements on playlists like Anti Pop, Good Vibes, and Lorem on Spotify, Verzache has made a name for himself as both producer and artist. Lucid Monday is excited to see what 2021 holds for him.

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