quickly, quickly and Mr. Carmack Produce Jak Bannon’s Latest Single “Homebound”

Accomplished creative Jak Bannon has just released his third single “Homebound” produced by quickly, quickly and Mr. Carmack. A nostalgic track about growth, burning out, and returning home, Bannon has once again proven his musical prowess rivals his videography. 

At age 19, Bannon moved to Los Angeles and entered into the music industry through his video-related projects. He previously worked with Gibson Hazard on projects for Lil Uzi Vert and Dr. Dre, soon moving on to edit a music video on his own for YG. After touring with KYLE and becoming Diddy’s personal videographer, Bannon went off on his own to follow what he was most passionate about––his own music.

“Know I gotta break out/Even in cold wind” Bannon sings while quickly, quickly’s drums stay steady, grounding the track. Bannon took to Instagram earlier this week to speak on the single: Very personal song, been such a wild year, real easy to get lost in it all and lose sight of things. This songs about tryna get it back together.

Bannon released “THE TRADE” in April, his first single produced by quickly, quickly, and “The Story” in October, his second single produced by Mr. Carmack. 

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