Cavalier Launches New Project UNIT KAI And Shares First Song “recurring dreams”

Earlier this month, prolific producer Cavalier announced his latest song under the Cavalier moniker, alongside the launch of his new project UNIT KAI. UNIT KAI is “inspired by early 2000’s dance, j-pop and VGM these past few years” as he revealed in a tweet, and his last song as Cavalier, titled “soft pink” was uploaded to SoundCloud. 

Fans and fellow artists from all around the world expressed their support towards the producer, as well as their excitement for the new project; Cavalier without a doubt has had a hell of a career over the past years. His debut 2014 EP PIETÀ included features from the likes of Fifty Grand, GRXGVR and Oshi, while “300 Thousand” featuring Night Lovell has amassed over 4 million plays on SoundCloud to date, becoming his most successful track yet. After a series of hard-hitting singles and collaborations with artists such as montell2099 and EZRA, Cavalier went on to reinvent himself multiple times, releasing his experimental and immersive album Innate back in 2018, as well as dropping a collaborative project with Bludwork earlier this year. 

Cavalier’s first single under the UNIT KAI project came in the form of “recurring dreams,” seeing him craft playful, dance sonics. Just recently he was also featured on the album Eldia House Collection with his track “Disconnected.”

Listen to “recurring dreams” below and make sure to follow UNIT KAI. 

Follow UNIT KAI 


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