TEK.LUN’s The Oppression Olympics Hits Spotify

TEK.LUN’s (Rashad Williams) 13-track instrumental album The Oppression Olympics made its way to Spotify on October 30th. Released on Juneteenth this year, Williams notes that the album is “centered around the divides within the Black community that keep the diaspora from unifying in its totality.” 

In 2013, TEK.LUN began to release music and original beats on SoundCloud, taking off in 2014 after working with TheNasa8 and HW&W Recordings. His most streamed track to date is “Shush” on Ridin Round 2, coming in at 587k streams since being released in 2015. His first release with Lucid Monday was on LM022, working with dilip on their track “Essential.” 

Williams has become an established and consistent force in the SoundCloud scene, dropping original drums kits and melody packs alongside his own work. Check out The Oppression Olympics below:

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