Matt Zara Wins $10k From Kenny Beats’ Battle & A Mix from TDE Engineer MixedByAli

London-based producer and guitarist Matt Zara is undoubtedly blowing up this year, seemingly turning everything he touches to gold, with still no official solo releases under his name. Last year, the talented producer was featured on “Country Roads” alongside Anomalie, track 11 off Louis Futon’s debut album Way Back Then. Earlier this year, he was also featured on major compilation Alone Together, collaborating with Ariza and Anomalie on “Lomola.”

Off the back of his stunning beats and help from Kenny Beats and Timbaland, Matt Zara is now well-deservingly blowing up. Matt Zara first appeared on Kenny Beats’ legendary Twitch streams back in April this year, sampling a video of Michael Jackson for his beat, the breakdown of which you can watch here. In Kenny Beats’ recent beat battle finals however, featuring TDE recording and mixing engineer MixedByAli and Marc Rebillet, Matt Zara took the #1 spot against talented producers such as Hellberg, OKSAMI, Spell, Memblem, Tamir, LVUSM, Walzy and Monkey Rascal, and went on to win $10k and a beat mix from MixedByAli. 

You can listen to Matt Zara’s winning beat during Kenny Beats’ stream here, as well as stream to “Semi” below, the beat that sent him to the semifinals of the beat battle. 

Back in May this year, Matt Zara also had the opportunity to collaborate on a beat with Timbaland and Tobias Wincorn, presenting it on his Instagram. Make sure to follow the emerging talent, as there is no doubt he is preparing massive things in the future.  

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