Canadian Producer kas Releases pastelbounce EP

18-year-old producer kas (Kasim Rizvi) had released his solo debut EP pastelbounce, a short yet intricately sweet collection of tracks, marking his territory with his own selective sound.

“Pastelbounce” is the word that the Ottawa native gave to the unexpected, upbeat sounds in his production. There are five tracks, each sitting at one to two minutes––making pastelbounce a 7-minute EP. The very first track “August” comes in slow until we get a beat that actually sounds like a bouncing ball, radiating back and forth until the instrumentation picks up.

Since kas began producing in 2017, he has worked alongside pandi, levant, eliderp, luvvy, grape milk, and enuar. His track “Pure Protein” was featured on LM024, kas’ first release with Lucid Monday. Just last week, kas released the sample pack Volume One with new sounds from pastelbounce and other past work.

With influences from the likes of Monte Booker, Flying Lotus, and The Neptunes, kas is setting the bar high, cultivating a forward-thinking level of production with his own unique flare. Listen to pastelbounce here:

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