MISOGI Announces New EP little*stars And Drops New Single “Monopink Dream, 2001”

An undisputed pioneer within the early, underground SoundCloud scene, MISOGI is without a doubt in his own lane. While the young pioneer started his career with trap-inspired beats, sometimes heavenly like his 2014 gem “Clairvoyant,” and sometimes more heavy and avant-garde like his 2016 album PLAYMISOGI®, within the past years he has moved in a rather experimental, emo-inspired direction, and we’re loving it. 

Now, following his 2019 project Blood Moon Underworld, “Heart Chained” with Master Peace and No Rome, as well as 2020 double singles Fallen Angels / Kiss of Judas and Falseawakening / RealitY Shift, MISOGI is announcing his brand new EP little*stars by dropping “Monopink Dream, 2001.” A quirky yet thoughtful single, “Monopink Dream, 2001” finds MISOGI sing on top of an instrumental filled with playful arpeggios and bright sound design, crafting a perfect blend of pop, emo and electronic aesthetics. 

As MISOGI’s website reveals, “Heart Chained” is also part of the project, as well as features from Dylan Brady, nothing, nowhere., Lil West and Instupendo. Make sure you check out “Monopink Dream, 2001” below and pre-save little*stars here

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