Kaelin Ellis Drops Stunning 12-Track Project After Thoughts

A massively hard-working artist, 23-year-old talent Kaelin Ellis is only going up this year. The producer and multi-instrumentalist boasts over 10 years of performance and creative experience, and has worked alongside artist such as Kaytranda, Sango, Waldo, Deffie, EXO, Drex Carter, The Kount and more. Most recently he teamed up with Lupe Fiasco’s 5-track EP House, featuring Virgil Abloh, Crystal Torres and Graham Burris

Now, Kaelin Ellis is gearing up for the next step in his buzzing career, releasing 12-track and 13-minute album After Thoughts, that follows this summer’s MOMENTS. A project written and produced solo, After Thoughts is a truly impressive effort. Though all tracks run around the 1 minute mark, it is clear that a lot of time and care was put into every single one, as Kaelin Ellis’ instrumentation, composition and grooves are as impressive as ever. Make sure to listen to After Thoughts below:

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