Mai And Steven Shaeffer Produce Lenny Burbank’s Latest Single “Chancellor”

An immensely talented producer, Mai has exploded over the past years due to his engaging content and transparent character. Having built a massive fanbase on YouTube by doing tutorials and beat-making videos, as well as worked with the likes of Aries, the young talent is well on his way into establishing himself in the music industry. 

For his latest gem, Mai has teamed up with Steven Shaeffer to produce Lenny Burbank’s latest single, “Chancellor.” Short and sweet, “Chancellor” is arguably Lenny Burbank’s best single to date, a soulful and deep piece of hip-hop and R&B, driven by infectious chords, organic percussion and booming bass. 

Lenny Burbank burst into the scene with his 2019 singles “Self Defence” and “Self Control,” following them up with “Quartz.” Having displayed immense versatility so far, we can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next. 

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