“madlove” – bsterthegawd

Bsterthegawd is an upcoming producer with some really slick beats up his sleeve, and an indispensable talent in the scene. He has consistently belted out striking tunes and has as many as 85 tracks out on streaming services. Many of them are collaborations with the likes of J.Robb, Roshima, Yaguru, and more. His brand new album madlove is finally out and streaming.

The 10-track project is an entire catalog of the signature Bsterthegawd sound, and something we wouldn’t want you to miss out on. His sample game is almost quintessential in this album, and so is his drums selection.  madlove takes off with a hard-hitting intro track titled “livewithout”, a perfect tone-setter as to what’s going to follow. It is definitely one of our top picks from the album, while our favorites also include “akame”, an outer-worldly track with his longtime collaborator Pandi, and “together” featuring Luvvy.

Bsterthegawd has been delivering good music on the regular. He has managed to make his followers accustomed to the fact that the track is going to be exceptional if it has the Bster tag on it. Make sure to show him some love below:

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