“True Colors. EP” – chromonicci

chromonicci’s  musical output has been nothing short of stunning to watch over the years. A massively talented producer and singer, the young artist never seems to stop creating and releasing music, as he just released his second solo EP in 2020, following Stasis II., collaborative EP Travelers with Evil Needle, as well as over a dozen of singles.

chromonicci’s latest project is titled True Colors. and is filled with funky instrumentals, soulful vocals and all around heavenly gems, coming out on his birthday. Throughout 6 tracks, the talented artist signs his heart out as well as showcases his production skills, making up for one of his best projects to date. 

“Walk with me through some of my experiences in this life. With current events revealing more and more of people’s true intentions, I find it more and more necessary to proudly display my true colors,” shared chromonicci with fans on social media. “I am love, black, passion, creativity, uncertainty, and light. As the sun smiles on me, I shine on you, and I was created to shine brightly and boldly. So… I do.”

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