Dilip Produces 2 Songs off the new Unotheactivist album

Uno The Activist is back with his latest loaded studio album titled “8”. The album was initially announced back in 2017 but the release was delayed due to internal conflicts. All we know is that the album was worth the wait.

The Atlanta based rapper has come a long way, keeping in consideration his all-new inventive style, flow, and production on this fresh new release. The album is 18 tastefully-made tracks long, and includes noteworthy features from the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, 2gramcam, and Calboy.

Our personal picks from the album include “Who Me” and “Blood Sweat And Tears”, both of which are produced by Dilip. “Who Me” has a typical hip-hop trap beat with a bit of a wave to it. The detuned bells and flute melodies add a lot of charisma to the track, while the 808s and kicks bring the whole thing together to create a gem we’re sure you’ll love.  “Blood Sweat And Tears”, which is co-produced with Callahan, starts with an admirable piano melody, while the guitar work throughout the track adds a lot of character to it as well.

You can check out the entire album here:

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