Who Is Ambezza?

German born and raised Ambezza is a producer, who is quite steadily making his mark in the music industry. Over the ongoing period of his beat making venture, he has co-produced alongside OZ, Timbaland, Keanu Beats among others, for songs by Drake, Future, DaBaby, AJ Tracey, Tinashe, Tee GrizzleyBaby Keem and most recently Chris Brown and Young Thug! Going over the credits to his name, it was hard to believe that he is yet to be given the recognition he truly deserves, so we decided to dig deeper into his story.

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Ambezza started producing at the age of 13 back in 2008 as a hobby. It was not until his graduation in 2016 that he started taking the craft seriously. He has been producing melody loops and beats in the basement of his home in Germany. He believes in working upon his own ideas gradually. He has enough beats in his storage to be able to instantly cater to any collaborator’s needs.

As much as he understands hard work and good production, he also understands the power of social media and the importance of networking. It was his talent and networking together that landed him big projects, including  “Story Of Us” from Tinashe’s Songs For You, “Pop Star” and “Prolly Hard” from DaBaby’s hit album ‘KIRK‘ and later Life Is Good” by Drake and Future. It is no secret that “Life Is Good is one of the biggest hits of this year so far, not only by being a multi platinum record but also by spending a record breaking 8 weeks time on the Billboard Top 100 chart at #2.


Ambezza’s discography and talent has garnered vast attention from major labels, managers and producers. He is on a quest of building a name and brand of his own by taking an independent route to achieve that. He also recognizes the fact that landing placements with ‘big names’ does not solidify his position with them. In an interview with HipHopDX, Ambezza revealed that he’s not even sure if the superstars he has collaborated with even recognize him. “It just goes to show that one placement with those guys doesn’t really mean that you’re locked in with them forever,” he said. “I don’t know if they know my name or whatnot. But all that stuff for me is just work until they do.

Although English is not his native language and he lives time zones away, these barriers to entry stand no chance against his persistence, humble attitude, and musical capacity. Most recently, he co-produced “Help Me Breathe” featuring Future from Chris Brown and Young Thug’s “Slime & B” which was released yesterday.

You can check out the mixtape on Soundcloud here.

Many of Ambezza’s collaborations have turned out to be massive hits so far and we can foresee that it only gets better from here. We are excited for him and all that he has in store for the future. Follow Ambezza to stay updated: