“THE TRADE” – Jak Bannon & Quickly Quickly

Though Jak Bannon is mainly known for his visual work and his massive projects, he has been teasing his debut single “THE TRADE“ for some time now. The Atlanta-hailing creative started shooting videos for Diddy last year, and has worked with the mogul on a lot of projects, most recently moderating his Instagram live DANCE-A-THON that amassed more than 4.5 million viewers. Collaborating a lot with fellow artist Gibson Hazard, they have also worked together on massive projects for Lil Uzi Vert, Dr. Dre and more. 

Now, the multi-talent finally makes his music debut with “THE TRADE”, produced by long-time collaborator and friend quickly, quickly. The 4-minute-long single is a stunning debut effort, inducing a melancholic feeling with Jak Bannon’s smooth vocal harmonies. quickly, quickly’s soothing instrumental however is what takes the song to the next level, driven by organic percussion and laced with smooth guitar melodies and subtle synths. 

quickly, quickly’s creativity and production skills are unmatched, something that is proven by his vast discograhy. He’s able to effortlessly play with samples and combine them with synths, while expertly programming drums that sound organic and groovy. You can check out his process and tap into the talent’s mind by checking out our Salutations From episode with him here

“THE TRADE” also came out with an impressive music video, directed and edited by Jak Bannon himself, and shot by Gibson Hazard and more friends. 

With this heavenly debut, we can’t wait to hear what else Jak Bannon has in store. Stream “THE TRADE” and check out the music video below: 

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