“Who’s Better Than YOU?” – 100yrd

New York based producer 100yrd just dropped a collaborative new EP called “Who’s Better Than YOU?”. The EP, which is co produced by BUKU! showcases four tracks that have catchy raps to compliment 100yrd’s skillful beats.


When asked about his debut project, 100yrd said “The meaning behind the name is based off a question my grandfather always used to ask me when I was younger, before he passed away. The question was always “Who’s Better Than YOU?”. I would answer the question with what I thought was the right answer in my eyes, so what I want YOU guys to take from this project is that question. Ask yourself and whatever answer you get from it take it and run with it for the rest of your life till the wheels fall off. I always thought the answer was nobody is better than me but as I got older I saw the deeper meaning to it. Which was who’s better than YOU? Only you can be better than you.”

The EP starts off strong with “Flip Phone” featuring rappers Speedway Forgiato, Roadrunner Tb and Savy. The song is followed by  “LAMB$” with Cincinnati based Story Time, “GTA” with Long Island artist Chow Lee and finally “Plot It Out” with his longtime collaborator Mar90s.

100yrd is a firm believer of the fact that it’s the beats that set the vibes. With this release, he has done exactly that. The entire project is supported with plenteous 808s, that hit just right and bring in a lot of energy. Our top pick from this release is certainly “Plot It Out” which features rapper Mar90s, a finely produced track with some snappy bars on it. We can’t wait to hear more from these talents in the future. You should definitely check this EP out here:

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