“imagine : reprise” – ESTA.

Soulection artist ESTA. just dropped a fresh album named “imagine : reprise”  on his Soundcloud. The album consists of his Frank Ocean flips which he had premiered earlier on Soulection Radio. His fans loved these on the radio so much, they had been asking him to release them ever since. While he mentioned he’s releasing just a “few” of these flips, the album comprises of as many as six brilliant works of production.

imagine : reprise goes back and forth between Frank Ocean’s albums “Blonde” “Channel Orange” and “Endless”. He sampled the songs “Channel”, “Pray”, “Slide”, “Voodoo”, “Pink + White” and “Self Control” among other parts of Frank’s music. However, ESTA. makes it very hard to guess with his reinventive beats, giving Frank Ocean a whole new unrecognizable sound.

The Filipino beatmaker managed to keep us hooked till the very last note of the album, given his ace production and rhythmic tunes and transitions. He always tops when it comes to easy listening and we definitely recommend this album for the same.  Our top picks include “anthr dimension” and “pray4me”

You can check out the entire album here:

Follow ESTA. :


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