Olswel Is Back With New Heat

Young talent Olswel is back with a bunch of fresh tracks on his Soundcloud. While he’s locked up and quarantining, he announced that he will “start dropping shit”, giving listeners a taste of what’s in his vault with “whipmyhair”, “bassguitardecember11unmixed” and “lockdown1”.

The Bay Area-based beatmaker displays his usual versatility with these three tracks. “lockdown1” is one of his finest works so far, where he manages to intermingle swing and bounce in the most sonically satisfying way; the drum and synth work is right on point and the 808s hit about flawlessly. “Bassguitardecember11unmixed” is a smooth showcase of production that flips itself into a flawless trap beat, while “whipmyhair” is a banger filled with distorted 808s and weird synths. 

Olswel’s earlier releases include collaborations with the likes of DILIP, inimicvs and Singularis, while he has made several solo appearances on our label.

The 16 year old producer has been consistently creating innovative tracks. Watch him make a beat from scratch and answer some questions on our Salutations From episode.

Make sure to follow Olswel for he has a lot more in store and his debut project will be out soon.




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