How Producers Can Stay Creative And Keep Earning During Their Time Social Distancing

Undoubtedly, the recent outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has shaken the music industry in a number of ways; with bars and venues closing the doors and dozens of shows and tours being cancelled, producers and musicians are left with an abundance of time in their hands while social distancing in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Here are 5 ways you as a producer can stay creative and self-improve during this time, while also some ways you can keep earning from home. 

Things to do in order to make the most out of your time social distancing:

Learn music theory 
Though not entirely necessary, it’s no secret that knowing music theory can go a long way for any producer. Being comfortable using scales and chords, while also being able to harmonise musical elements together in an interesting way can help step up someone’s production game a ton, and there are a lot of resources out there for all levels of music theory. 

Go back to old projects and save your own sounds
This one’s simple and really fun. Go back to your old projects and save sounds that you created for future use; whether it’s a snare with complex layering, an effect you spent a lot of time designing or a unique synth preset, building up you own sound library can go a long way. You might even get to create your own sample pack!
Get creative with dedicated sound design sessions 
Depending on the type of music you make, dedicating sessions for sound design can really guide you in discovering your own sound, as well as helping you with writer’s block. 

Learn a new software like Photoshop or Premiere
Being able to create good content is key in this day and age, and learning a software like Photoshop or Premiere can really help take your content creation to the next level, same for your ability to give more precise feedback when outsourcing the creation of videos or artwork for your project. 

Network with industry professionals and producers
Everyone is on the their computers and eager to work right now, so it’s the perfect time to reach out to people, connecting with like-minded industry professionals and producers, as well as finding potential collaborators. 

Potential ways to make revenue:

Streams on digital platforms
Though shows and tours are cancelled, which has taken a huge toll on touring acts, streaming is going just as strong, so urge your fans to listen to your catalog and keep putting out new music. 

Livestreams on Twitch (SoundCloud Premier Partnership)
Livestreams are a great way to let your supporters into your world, while interacting with them and making them more invested in your art and brand. Recently, SoundCloud teamed up with Twitch, making it easier for musicians to monetize their live streams, something that makes it even more worth for producers to start live-streaming and earning. 

Online lessons 
No matter your skills, there is someone out there who can gain value from you. Figure out how you can monetise your knowledge, whether that’s teaching sound design, production, audio engineering or anything else.
Merch sales
If you have built a strong fanbase, selling merch is a great way to make some money right now. Get creative with it! 

Brand deals 
Again if you’ve built a strong enough brand, a large number of companies out there could benefit from advertising their products or services with you. This is another one where getting creative is key. 

Art by: Justin King

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