“Stasis II.” – chromonicci

chromonicci is back stronger than ever in 2020, seemingly dropping new music every other week. Among those releases, some of which are out on Phuture Collective and Chillhop Music, is his huge Stasis II. EP, sequel to 2019’s Stasis.

Stasis II spans 4 instrumental tracks that perfectly showcase the talented musician’s production skills, as well as ability to create seamless vibes, bringing together influences from R&B, soul, hip-hop and house. The ever-progressing “Run.” kicks off the EP in an uplifting fashion, driven by smooth arpeggios and house rhythms, while being sprinkled with catchy vocal chops. “Live.” is as bass-heavy as it is intricate, while the keys, strings and groovy drum samples in “Breathe.” go crazy, making up for a lush, afternoon vibe. “Reflect.” rounds up the EP, utilising complex drum arrangements, as well as perfectly crat=fted and combined synth melodies. 

“It’s wild, I put my head down to make my dreams work, and all of a sudden I looked up and it’s MARCH. I’ve been working so hard as I’ve adjusted to being a full time music dude, but honestly it’s SO easy to get lost in the chase and career construction. So lost that you forget what it is you were trying to build. I’m bringing back the Stasis series for round two because sometimes you just have to stop, recenter, refocus, and find your creative equilibrium.”

“This time the musical alignment is SUPER groovy and HEAVILY melodic. I’ve been walking around with some melodies in my spirit for YEARS, and finally possess the tools to express them to you. So buckle up for a cathartic, rejuvenating, and niccibouncin’ experience.”

Listen to chromonicci’s Stasis II. below:

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